Design Engine Visual of Global Corporate Innovation Centre

Global Corporate Innovation Centre

Global Corporate Innovation Company

Enhanced facilities to aid the client’s collaboration with current and future clients

Design Engine were shortlisted from a long list of nearly 60 nationally recognised architects to develop a competition proposal along with three other practices. The client are a global company with a focus on research and innovation and much of this work is conducted on their main campus in the UK.

The client wished to enhance their facilities to better promote their work in this area and to create greater opportunities for collaboration with current and future clients.

Design Engine visualisation for competition

The Brief

… you get to see the broader picture. Where seeing small helps you think big. Rethink complex problems through a new perspective and reframe your scale of thinking.

This message appeared to us hugely important in capturing what it is that the client does — the idea of solving global problems through scientific research that zooms right down to the atomic level. In the competition scheme, we saw this as a journey of discovery and in turn, this journey informed the decisions we made in developing our proposal from the positioning of the building on campus, right down to the pattern of the ceramic coatings on the glass.

The proposal sought to make the most of the current campus and its broader context, whilst being cognisant of the project budget. To create an environment where cutting-edge science is set in the English countryside. All within a building that sought to minimise its environmental impact.

Design Engine Model
Design Engine visualisation for competition