Design Engine Charterhouse Masterplan

Charterhouse Masterplan

Charterhouse School
Completed 2014

Reverting to a pedestrian friendly campus, with clear wayfinding, concealed parking, and discreet site management

Charterhouse is distinguished as a ‘campus’ School; but one currently blighted by vehicles and parking. The intention is to revert to a pedestrian friendly campus, where wayfinding is clear, parking areas are concealed, and site management is discreet.

A new landscape zone is described around the original nineteenth century buildings, within which cars are excluded (with the exception of emergency vehicles). This move returns the School to the safe collegiate atmosphere intended with the move from London in 1872 and gives back dignity to the splendid buildings and landscape where the Founder’s Tree can once again take centre stage.

The masterplan document produced for the school described a long-term vision for the campus. Some projects have now been completed (Dining Hall); some are in design (Chemistry Faculty & Queens Sports Centre); some are longer-term propositions. All came about through an ongoing dialogue leading towards a balanced strategy on future curriculum, planning and funding.

Design Engine Charterhouse Masterplan
Design Engine Charterhouse Masterplan