Jenny Lee

Architectural Graduate

Jenny joined Design Engine in April 2021

Jenny joined Design Engine in April 2021 after completing a BA Hons in Architecture RIBA Part 1 from Sheffield School of Architecture, the University of Sheffield.

Her keen interest in education lead to her dissertation topic; exploring the importance of design in education and how design can impact both teaching and learning. The paper focused on XP School in Doncaster; a school which teaches through expeditionary learning. Jenny scrutinised whether this pedagogy needs subtle design alterations or completely redesigning as at XP.  

Jenny’s final year design project was a Ceramic studio and gallery in Atlas; the industrial area of Sheffield. It focussed on bringing the community of Sheffield to an otherwise industrial and isolated part of the city. The project explored the scales of micro and macro, from the small handmade pots being made inside, to the huge surrounding tin sheds that housed the cities machine made steelworks. She enjoyed playing on the contrasts that the site and project had to offer mainly through model making and hand drawing.